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Danske Fødevare og Landbrugsjournalister

Invitation til International Forum for Landbrugsrobotter den 10.-11. december i Frankrig.

Invitation Til International Forum For Landbrugsrobotter Den 10.-11. December I Frankrig.

Er du interesseret i fremtidens digitale markarbejdere ? – så skal du måske en tur til Frankrig i december.

FIRA – det internationale forum for landbrugsrobotter holder en event 10. og 11. december i Toulouse i Frankrig. Der vil være alt det nyeste om robotter i landbruget, også deltagelse af den danske lugerobot Agrointelli og CEO Ole Green.

Se vedlagte program og invitation.

FIRA 2019: the international event on agricultural robotics goes bigger

10 and 11 December 2019 in Toulouse

Agricultural robotics is the undoubted solution for reducing the drudgery of work for producers: it allows them to provide quality food in sufficient quantity for the increasingly growing global population.

For its 4th edition, the FIRA offers to support this transition and announces major innovations. The event is from now on organized by the Global Organization for Agricultural Robotics (GOFAR): its exhibition area has tripled with some fifteen robots presented, and a first scientific symposium will be organized by Robagri. Conferences, round-tables and high-quality technical workshops are the highlight of FIRA 2019 which has established itself as the leading event of the sector at international level.

For the first time in the world, some fifteen manufacturers of agricultural robots will be attending, gathered in one same place: whether these robots help managing weeds, monitoring hens or providing logistic support, they fulfill fundamental functions for the producers.

The manufacturers who will attend the event include: Naïo Technologies, Ecorobotix, Agrointelli, Vitibot, Tibot, Deepfield Robotics, Sony CSL, Rhoban System, Instar Robotics, Farmwise, SITIA, Meropy… Moreover, exclusives will be unveiled on this special occasion.

This year, the first day includes conferences and round-tables intended to be more field-oriented, the round-tables being organized by sector (livestock farming, field crops, fruit and vegetables, viticulture) and a technical workshop for advisors and farmers conducted on the theme “Agricultural robotics: my business is changing. What are the consequences and the support system?”
A conference on ethical and societal issues in agricultural robotics will be held by Alexei Grinbaum (Researcher at CEA-Saclay and author of “Les robots et le mal” – “Robots and Evil”). A forward-looking conference is also expected with a main focus on the impacts of automation on food quality.
Additionally, round-tables will be organized to discuss the global market for agricultural robotics per major region, as well as the issues of the standardization of these autonomous machines in Europe and worldwide.
This day will gather speakers from all over the world – John Deere, KULT, Lely International, the CEMA, the European Commission, and OECD… – placing FIRA as a resolutely international event of high expertise.
Full list of speakers:

11 DECEMBER: Scientific Symposium on the reliability and security of agricultural robots
The first scientific symposium organized by the Robagri association will be held on the second day, the focal point being the state-of-the-art reliability and security of agricultural robots.
This workshop aims to share the latest scientific advances in agricultural robotics with regards to the three following topics: security and control, monitoring and decision-making for mobile robots, interaction between mobile robots and tools.

Again this year, the second day of FIRA will put a premium on facilitating meetings and exchanges between the players of the sector.Therefore, about thirty pitches will be successively delivered to address the main challenges of the robots, from support to production, through the presentation of the robots on site.Finally, business appointments will be arranged to further the meetings and opportunities for partnerships.

Registrations open.
Preferential rate: Up to October 15th inclusive.

Gwendoline Legrand
Co-director & Communication | FIRA 2019
Mobile: +33(0)688871711

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